The Best Nose Surgeons in Miami

At we aim to bring you a wide range of Rhinoplasty options in your local area, all performed by trusted and experienced doctors. In and around Miami you have a lot of choice if you’re currently considering nose surgery of any kind. Here we’ll take a quick look at what a procedure may involve, along with the typical costs you’ll likely pay.

A Rhinoplasty procedure will typically have one of two main goals:

- Relieve breathing difficulties by opening up nasal passage ways
- Improve the nose’s visual and aesthetic appeal by changing shape or size, or removing imperfections

The actual nose job itself will involve your surgeon making incisions in very specific places. This gives access to the inside of the nose where cartilage and bone can be re-arranged or removed to change the overall shape. Sometimes cartilage will also be added from elsewhere on the body – or a synthetic material could be used.

When undergoing plastic surgery of this kind there should be no long term scarring or evidence the procedure ever took place. Having said that it can be a number of months before the nose looks completely natural again, although the initial recovery period is typically on a few weeks in length.

If you’re thinking of having Rhinoplasty surgery in Miami then the average price you can expect to pay is somewhere in the $6550 region. This is of course not set in stone and could vary considerably depending on how complex your individual procedure is, and which surgeon you ultimately choose. The best surgeons or those who are more established and well known can and typically do charge more than the average fee.

You’ll need to run through an initial consult before your procedure. This is to make sure what you want to achieve from the surgery is possible, and also to uncover any previous or existing medical conditions which could affect how your surgery needs to be performed. You should do a little research beforehand and arrive at the consult with a range of questions. Before that though you can learn more about the intricacies of nose surgery and the different benefits it can provide here.

Overall the areas of Miami and Miami Beach are quite well populated will surgeons, so you should certainly be able to find one who is the right fit and well within your budget. For even more choice then the are plenty of other surgeons in Florida – as long as travelling for your procedure isn’t a problem.